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Jack Shull has worked at five International Schools during the past 30 years as a counselor and as Director of Counseling and Special Services. He started his overseas career at the American School in Stavanger, Norway then moved to St. John’s International School in Belgium and then to the International School Bangkok (ISB) for ten years, Cairo American College for 16 years and now is in his third year as Director of University Counseling for Dulwich College China.

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Jack has given numerous presentations at international conferences on the topics of advising college bound students. He has written articles on college admissions and developed programs and workshops for high school students who wish to study in the U.S., Canada, the UK and other countries. Jack has been an active member of the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) serving on many committees. He is the past president of the Overseas Association of College Admissions (OACAC) and one of the founding members of that organization. Jack has been an adjunct faculty member teaching graduate courses in counseling at George Mason University in Virginia, American University in Cairo and most recently the University of California Los Angles (UCLA) teaching in the ‘College Counseling Certificate’ program.
In addition to being a school based counselor Jack works for a small educational consulting company in China and also has private clients who live in China, Egypt, Hong Kong and Singapore. Jack holds a B.S. in Psychology and Education, a M.S. in Counseling and Guidance, and an Ed.S in Education Administration with a concentration in Leadership.



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Jack Shull was extremely helpful throughout my application process. My advisor was very knowledgeable about the key differences between various colleges, which enabled me to make informed decisions about where to apply.


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Our experts have worked with thousands of students, offering individualized guidance to help them navigate the admissions process and achieve their educational goals. You can Download the form by Clicking Here


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ICCS major objective is to advise students and parents on the college process and solving the puzzle “‘Will my child get into a ‘good’ college?” or help them in coming to the conclusion of choosing the streams and college for there children.


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We offers a large number of services from comprehensive assistance to targeted support — to best fit your family’s needs. We help our students through the admission process.We consult with them and conclude the best.

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We provides support and advice regarding course selection, standardized testing, college essays, applications, interviews and financial aid. It’s not only about being accepted to college more importantly, it’s about finding the right match.

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