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“Our children or our students are not trophies to be displayed to admiring neighbors, nor are they expensive, late-model automobiles to be parked conspicuously for all to see. Rather, they are living, breathing human beings going through a perplexing process at a vulnerable time in their young lives, and I ask that you remind yourselves of that from time to time. I can assure you that I and my staff will be reminding ourselves as well.”
-Tom Parke, -Dean of Admission and Financial Aid -Amherst College, Massachusetts


It was very comforting to know that someone as experienced as Mr. Shull was guiding my son through the college application process. He encouraged him to get started early and gave him invaluable advice. Mr. Shull was on a college tour with him when they visited 16 different Universities and that was when he knew that he wanted to go to NYU. My son was just offered a place at NYU class of 2017 and I'm so happy that his dream came true. Thank you Mr. Shull.
John Doe Concerned Parent

As a University Counselor, Mr Shull devoted a lot of his time, with patience and enthusiasm, to giving me valuable suggestions to improve my applications. As a friend, Mr Shull is willing to hear my voice and share his opinions. Ms Shull does me a great favor and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to know him and work under his guidance.
John Doe Keyue Coco Chen

“The complicated, stressful process of applying to U.S. colleges and universities went so much easier with Mr. Shull’s expert help. He not only has extensive knowledge of American colleges and the application process, he also understands kids and immediately developed a great rapport with our son. Mr. Shull was reassuring, understanding and always available for advice. I’m not sure we could have done it without him.
John Doe Sarah a proud parent, Cairo, Egypt

It was very comforting to know that someone as experienced as Mr. Shull was guiding my son through the college application process. "Sure he had good grades and SAT’s. But we knew that strong academic achievements do not guarantee admission to the best colleges. College Coach gave us that little extra we needed to make sure our son got accepted to his top-choice school." Mr Shull is a new beginning for the carrer of my son.
Proud Parents

Mr Shull's counseling sessions were one of the main reasons behind my success of getting into my dream university. He helped me brainstorm ideas so that I could write the perfect unique essays. He made me think in the right way. His sessions were very useful as he followed up on all my deadlines, reviewed my essays several times & we had insightful conversations about the university selection and application process. Mr Shull's counseling is the best.
John Doe A Successful Student


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